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whiteroseicons's Journal

Graphics of angelhope99
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This is the Graphics journal of angelhope99. It will include several things like screen shots that can be used for other's graphics as well as icons and wallpapers of my own. Fandoms will mostly include (but not be limited to), Yu-Gi-Oh!, DN Angel, Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers, and Fruits Basket.

1. Some posts will be heavy with graphics so dial-up connections may have trouble, or take a lot longer pulling up the pages.
2. Mild cursing may be found on some graphics.
3. Some Yaoi may find it's way into some of the graphics (Or rather at least some hints of it anyway...)
1. Do not question my rules.
2. Please do not alter any of my graphics in any way, unless I have given permission to you or stated that they can be altered.
3. Do not, and I DO mean DO NOT Hotlink any of my graphics. Right click and save them to your own computer then host them on your own hosting site (like Photobucket.com).
4. If you take any of my graphics to use, please comment and give credit to angelhope99 or whiteroseicons.
5. When it comes to screencaps found here, You don't have to tell me which ones you are taking if you don't wish to as there will be several of them. Just credit me when they are used and remember not to hotlink them. Comments are nice just to let me know you are taking some if you do though not really needed.
6. If any of my rules are broken, then I will be forced to make this a Member's Only Community, and anyone who breaks the rules will be banned, plain and simple- no sugar coating things here.


Affliates are always welcome, just ask to be an affiliate here and include a button if you have one or I can do text affiliates as well.

You can use this button: to link back to this community.

.:Resources/graphic credits:.
I have created an actual post to list all my resources, credits, and helpful links. That post will be contiuously updated and linked back to. The post can be found here
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